K9 Pipe Inspections

Oil Leaks • Gas Leaks • Illegal taps


Rapid Response

Our highly trained dogs locate leaks in oil and gas pipelines. Our specialized odorant is injected at the well head and will rise to the surface allowing our dog team to pinpoint the source of the leak. This system saves oil and gas companies time, manpower, and equipment use. Our services can be used for gathering lines, distribution lines, transmission pipelines, refineries and even building gas leaks. KPI leak detectors are versatile with a parts per billion olfactory operating system.

We have a 24 hour emergency response line with rapid mobilization. Our canine teams can be mobilized and on your job site within 72 hours or less anywhere in the United States.        


Highly Trained 

Only highly trained dogs with extreme drive and physical stamina are selected. Each contract has a minimum of two pipeline leak detection dogs. Our dogs can work up to 12 miles a day.


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