K9 Pipe Inspections Leak Detectors

Our pipeline leak detection dogs train daily, and they are experts at what they do. We update our KPI videos on a weekly basis so stop by often to see what our canine team has been up to!

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K9 Bjorn is a pipeline leak detection dog. He can find leaks, big or small, along oil or gas pipelines.
K9 Yara detecting a simulated pipeline leak in 3 inches of snow. Yara can find oil or gas pipeline leaks and has experience working in rain, snow, wind, and dense clay. Our canines train in the worst conditions so they are the best in all conditions.
Our leak detection canines indicate a leak location by digging. They are trained to pinpoint leaks. As you can see in the video, Yara is circling to pinpoint the precise location.

Yara put some time in yesterday working her nose in the wind. She can find leaks up to the depth of any existing oil or gas pipeline.

Can K9 Pipe Inspections' dogs detect in rain? Absolutely! Today's pipeline leak detection simulation was done during a rainstorm with a 17mph wind. You will see K9 Yara circling in the video. She is using the wind to her advantage. Yara is trained to pinpoint the source of an oil or gas leak. 

K9 Yara doing what she does best!

Day 3 of pipeline leak detection training for K9 Bjorn in December 2017. 

K9 Bjorn pinpointing a simulated pipeline leak. You'll hear me laugh because I believed it was a difficult hide but Bjorn pinpointed it immediately. Bjorn can find oil or gas pipeline leaks. 

Training and learning never ends. And we at KPI are always looking to hone the skills of our canine teams and innovate new and better ways to be the best at what we do. Last week we stop by All Around K9, got to audit a few of their client training lessons and came back with some fresh ideas and skills. Featuring K9 Yara doing a quick detection demo.
K9 Yara doing a pipeline leak detection simulation in dense, packed clay. Yara can find oil or gas pipeline leaks.

K9 Yara indicating a pipeline leak. Yara can indicate leaks on oil or gas pipelines.