Exceptional Canines

K9 Pipe Inspections leak sniffing detector dogs find leaks along buried oil, natural gas, and saltwater disposal pipelines.

Our canines services work well in conjunction with hydrostatic or nitrogen pressure testing. 

Contact us to find out how our dogs can help optimize your integrity management and damage prevention plan.

K9 Pipe Inspections

Pipeline Maintenance

Maintenance Schedule

Changing PHMSA regulations have created more of a demand for maintenance inspections. Scheduling inspections before a leak occurs can save your company time and money. Our canine teams can be scheduled on a Monthly, Quarterly, or Bi Annual maintenance schedule.

Stress Corrosion Cracking

According to PHMSA, new pipeline Integrity Management regulations will promote early identification and repair of SCC.

SCC is the result of cluster of cracks along the external surface of a pipeline. These cracks can link together and create larger, longer cracks. Over time these cracks can reach a critical point that results in pipeline failure if not repaired. If SCC of sections of pipeline are not identified, a costly breach can occur along with clean up, fines, and negative company image.

K9 Pipe Inspections leak detection dogs can locate pinhole leaks and cracks that other modern technology cannot. A highly trained detection dog can detect well beyond parts per billion while most modern technology can only detect at parts per million. With a regular maintenance schedule, our canine teams can pinpoint hairline cracks so appropriate maintenance can be done before a serious breach can occur.


National Energy Board Onshore Pipeline Regulations

KPI pipeline leak detection services can help ensure your company is meeting or exceeding NEB requirements. Our maintenance procedure is economical and effective.

Leak Detection Surveys

While we do our inspection, our canine teams can identify missing/damaged markers, environmental hazards, and intrusions of right-of-way that may complicate a necessary dig.