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Pipeline Leak Detection



KPI detection dogs are trained to pinpoint leaks with our industry approved odorant. Our odorant system was developed by Imperial Oil and Exxon Mobil. KPI dogs can detect on oil or gas pipelines in all conditions and terrains.



How It Works

We have a 24/7 emergency response line. The moment the contract is signed we are on the road. Upon arrival, our lead technician will inject our industry tested and approved odorant and the line will be pressurized. Our canine teams will inspect along the right of way after 24 hours. KPI dogs have experience detecting in rain, snow, dense clay, thick foliage. A minimum of two dogs are used.

Our specialized odorant is designed to migrate vertically to the surface, and KPI dogs will indicate/dig at the leak. They are trained to indicated at the strongest concentration therefore their pinpointing abilities can be typically within a meter. The handler will mark the leak location and digging/repair will begin.

The canine team will continue the inspection- the first leak isn't always the only leak.
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We Offer Maintenance Packages

As PHMSA and NEB regulations increase, oil and gas companies need new ways to show they are meeting those regulations. Click below to find out more.


Two dogs are used on every job
More dogs can be added pending scope of work. Each KPI dogs is tested for drive and endurance. KPI dogs have experience detecting in harsh elements- heat, rain, snow, dense clay, thick foliage.

KPI dogs are trained to pinpoint leaks
Our dogs will dig at the source of the leak. The precision of our dogs means less manpower and time needed to uncover and repair the source of the leak.


24/7 Emergency Response

K9 Pipe Inspections has a 24/7 emergency phone line. You will always be answered by a live person (no answering services). Our rapid mobilization canine teams can be on your job site within 24-72 hours anywhere in the contigous United States. Our company headquarters are ideally located to provide rapid response to our Canadian clients. We can reach most of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan within 24 hours.              


In Service Lines

K9 Pipe Inspections can do leak detection surveys on in-services pipelines. Our canines can detect pinholes leaks and cracks along a pipeline before they become a pipeline breach. Our dogs detect at PPB and can outperform modern technology that only detect at PPM. Please see our maintenance packages for regular inspections.

Hydrostatic Testing

Our industry approved odorant system works well with hydrostatic testing. K9 Pipe Inspections leak detection dogs are a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.