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K9 Pipe Inspections leak sniffing detector dogs find leaks along buried oil, natural gas, and saltwater disposal pipelines.

Our canines services work well in conjunction with hydrostatic or nitrogen pressure testing. 

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K9 Pipe Inspections

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K9 Pipe Inspections joined the Bloomberg Green tech list for tracking down leaks.

Bloomberg - "[K9 Pipe Inspections] ability to find microleaks from buried lines can save companies the cost of excavating large areas to assess equipment."

KPI pipeline dogs provide leak detection services for crude oil, natural gas, and saltwater disposal pipelines. Increases in regulations, including the implementation of the Mega Rule, has created a need for additonal leak detection inspections. K9 Pipe Inspections team of detector dogs can pinpoint challenging and small leaks for buried lines. Precisely and accurately locating leaks saves pipeline operators time, money, and manpower. 

Read more about work completed case studies using K9 Pipe Inspections leak detector dogs.

Permian Basin
Delware Basin
New Mexico

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