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K9 Pipe Inspections leak sniffing detector dogs find leaks along buried oil, natural gas, and saltwater disposal pipelines.

Our canines services work well in conjunction with hydrostatic or nitrogen pressure testing. 

Contact us to find out how our dogs can help optimize your integrity management and damage prevention plan.

K9 Pipe Inspections

Latest News

K9 Pipe Inspections worked on 8700 feet of 12" fiberglass line located in the Permian Basin.

KPI services were called after another leak detection service was unable to locate the known leaks. Services were performed after a substantial rain storm showcasing KPI dogs' ability to detect in highly saturated areas.

2 leaks were found and both leaks were micro in size. Photos below show both leaks with 635 PSI of pressure on them. Some days even we are amazed by the detection abilities dogs possess.

K9 Pipe Inspections dogs showed, yet again, that they can save companies time and money with their highly accurate noses.

Scroll below to view video of our dogs in action and the leaks they found.

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