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K9 Pipe Inspections leak sniffing detector dogs find leaks along buried oil, natural gas, and saltwater disposal pipelines.

Our canines services work well in conjunction with hydrostatic or nitrogen pressure testing. 

Contact us to find out how our dogs can help optimize your integrity management and damage prevention plan.

K9 Pipe Inspections

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K9 Pipe Inspections was called in to locate a challenging leak located in California on an in-services natural gas pipeline buried ~10 feet under pavement.

The client had been hunting for the micro leak for years with different leak detection

All K9 Pipe Inspections detection dogs adhere to the same h2s safety protocols as their human counterparts.

Our pipeline leak detection teams work across the nation, and the clients we serve have the best knowledge of h2s risks and safety

Leak pinpointed in New Mexico

K9 Pipe Inspections worked on 2 miles of 16" line located in New Mexico. Line depth ranged from approximately 5-12 feet deep.

KPI dogs pinpointed the leak and the pipeline operator was able to make the necessary repairs to move forward with the