Highly Efficient

Leaks will take the path of least resistance, which is not always above the pipeline. A dog’s mobility and acute sense of smell allows for a thorough scan of an area to identify leaks that other technology may miss. This is one of many reasons why pipeline leak inspection dogs excel at finding and locating leaks.

KPI special trained dogs are able to outperform the most advanced equipment at a lower cost to the client, because no mechanical leak detection device is as sensitive as a dog’s nose with the ability to search in such a broad range of situations (snow, fields, dense foliage…).

In past canine inspections, the known leak was found and then additional, unknown, pinhole leaks were later detected. This canine detection system can save pipeline companies millions of dollars and help them attain the goal of zero leakage.

KPI detection dogs have the ability to detect: 

  • Gas and oil pipeline leaks
  • Illegal pipeline tapping

KPI pipeline inspection dogs can detect up to the deepest depth of any oil or gas pipeline without the handicaps of other technologies. Varying pipeline diameters, turns, and terrain are not a limitation for K9 Pipe Inspection's canine teams.